DIY Scarf

It’s getting to that time of year when scarfs may be of some use to keep your neck warm and helping ward off sore throats. So I’m going to show you how to make one of your own. Hopefully the video is pretty strait forward and easy to follow. If you have any other questions, leave a comment.
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how to tie a head scarf..Go into a indian fabric shop and ask for 5 yards of turban tying material..this is really good value as will cost around you can chop it up and your have enough material for 5 head scarfs so you always got a clean clean one to wear..also you could write your name in one corner so the next time you wear it your not putting the dust side down on your clean hair..this type of material will wear in like a new pair of shoes after you wash it once or twice so will feel even more comfortable… You can make these for your pet too. No way! these are 100% unique and authentic made by you with love for your pet!

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23 Responses to DIY Scarf

  1. SmallSojourner says:

    Wow, this is very pretty, thanks for posting, I will try it out. What a great idea!

  2. klumsi3bbyy says:

    great idea

  3. Dragontrap says:

    Glad you enjoyed it ^^

  4. xllecmllx says:

    very good idea LOVE IT !

  5. Dragontrap says:

    That is a great way to use up old T-shirt :D ! I just find fleece to be quite warmer in the colder weather (I have one made with red and black stripes that I wear all the time)

  6. zeroman2006 says:

    I did this for myself but i did it with black and orange t-shirts that i had that i did not wear

  7. mlfbigguy says:

    great job! :D

  8. Dragontrap says:

    It’s pretty warm here as well, but I have one of these scarfs (red and black) I made like two winters ago that I do use from time to time when the temp drops and I want to keep my neck warm (and fleece is WARM XD). I’m not a fan of pink myself, but I still have pink fleece left over from the project in this vid (enough for a second scarf XD)

  9. meandrousart says:

    That scarf is the CUTEST! I looooove love love pink! Why don’t I have any friends like you who would sew a scarf for me? ;…; Well, actually, it’s like… 86 degrees here, so I don’t think I’d need a scarf… but… You know what I mean! What a lucky friend. <3 Your project is so cool. If I get the chance, I’ll use this lesson and send a scarf back home to someone. <333

  10. GrimmjowProduction says:

    Thats kinda pro…

  11. wangahsan says:

    yes i know its gajni song

  12. Heratic88 says:

    u look like a pirate…, i need 2 look like a terrorist for a party thing, but ty i guess :L

  13. itsmeuniqueq says:

    it’s from a Hindi Movie (Ghajini)

    ‘Kaise mujhe tum mil gayee, Kismat pe aaye na yakin’

  14. skykitty20 says:

    Very nice 5*****

  15. pangGo says:

    great video! im goin to try this out!

  16. zdzichu3000 says:

    Wi?zanie na wró?k? Bali? ;D

  17. LetYourGameSpeak81 says:

    Interesting, I’ve been wearing scarves for years now and I never really did it in this way. Cool video.

  18. TBA4Freedom says:

    Thanks so much. This song is absolutly beautiful.

  19. redraz09 says:

    kaise mujhe A.R RAHMAN

  20. redraz09 says:

    Hey thanks for your input..the song is:
    kaise mujhe …A.R RAHMAN

  21. TBA4Freedom says:

    I have to know what this song is…..does anyone know?

  22. TBA4Freedom says:

    Thanks…I was wondering how to do this. Also, what is this song?

  23. Juiroame says:

    You look pretty with your hair down. are you growing it out or just keeping it at that length? (envious–> fighting curly mixed blood hair.)

    Anyway, I am definitely going to try that head scarf idea this weekend.

    Hope you are doing well.

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