dover street market “Comme des Garçons” vending machine @ dsm, london

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dover street market “Comme des Garçons” vending machine @ dsm, london
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Image by coolhunting “tapas”
Translated from French into English: “like boys”
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

The owner and founder of Comme des Garçons is Rei Kawakubo. This company, a private one, opened for business in the fashion industry in 1969. Since the opening of the company, there are now more than 12 boutiques and at least 200 merchants worldwide. One location considered high fashion in Tokyo (Aoyama) has flagship depots and one called “Place Vendome in Paris”, which is highly famous for its fashion line too. The business brings in annual revenue of approximately 0,000,000 (gross revenue). As of 2007, the business employed around 200 individuals.

Brief History of Commes des Garçons

Although Rei Kawakubo founded and opened the business in 1969, the company was not officially established until a few years later, in 1973. In Japan, the business became triumphant in the fashion industry in the mid-70s and added to their product line, for men, in 1978. In 1981, there was a show in the Paris location, which was a first appearance of Comme des Garçons and its leading fashion in “distressed” and “black” materials used in the clothing line. During the 1980s, this line of apparel frequently had a shattered appearance to it.

Once the debut in Paris completed, the company displayed pictures at some famous fashion locations in Paris. The pictures were the work of Peter Lindbergh. About 20 years later, another debut occurred in Tokyo. The debut consisted of marketing and illustrative sketches.

Comme des Garçons and its Fashion Line
The company uses a studio in Tokyo (Aoyama), where the fashion line is planned, but the rest of the products are finished in France, Japan, Turkey and Spain. The name of the studio where the company finishes making the clothing is the Comme des Garcons.

During the life of this company, they have created a few different collections. One collection earned the name “lumps and bumps” set. This apparel consisted of materials in vastness and little orbs on the articles of clothing, which looked like they had “lumps and bumps” on them. That was in 1997. This line of clothing created an association between the owner of the company and a choreographer from New York, Merce Cunningham, titled the “Scenario” assortment. This apparel was part of the spring and summer collected works.

Nine years later, in 2006, a new idea arose, which was “yssup”. The idea represented clothing and the various ways we introduce ourselves to the “sinep”. Blending customized masculine clothing with additional womanly constituents, for instance, floral patterns on the fabric, created “persona” and yet another assortment of fashion design that mixed female features into masculine garments. These collections were the fall and winter lines.

Commes des Garcons partners with many other famous brand name companies, like Levi Strauss, Converse footwear (All Star), Nike, Cutler and Gross, Lacoste, Speedo, Moncler, Hammerthor, Louis Vuitton, Chrome Hearts and numerous additional popular fashion businesses. The company joined forces with H&M and brought out a new line of clothing in the fall of 2008.

Dover Street Market
17-18 Dover Street
London W1S 4LT, UK

Fashion Bus conductor
high fashion

Image by victoriapeckham
The conductress – Miss High Leg Kick – descends from the upper deck.

Fashion’s Night Out London 2010
high fashion

Image by The Style PA
Fashion’s Night Out London 2010

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