Jorge Cervantes Garden Update 9/7/11

Just a little garden update for everybody! ———————————————- Download The Grower’s Bible now available as an eBook: eBook: Marijuana Grow Basics Jorge’s Site: Facebook: Twitter:

In This video I show the various CFL Grow Lights that I have used the past few years and compare. They are all from local stores such as Menards and Home Depot. I mention the prices and light output for each. I also show hydroponic tomatoes that are a little over 2 weeks old. The largest bulb I show is the maximum length that the fixture can hnadle that I built in a previous video. My work in progress: Buy your veggie seeds now guys. It’s cheap insurance. The stuff on the store shelves may not always be there.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to Jorge Cervantes Garden Update 9/7/11

  1. jorgecervantesmj says:

    Now we are uploading every few days to draw people to our forum and site marijuanagrowing . com. I have had the site for years, but this is the first interactive forum.? The site is also full of member fotos,? news, videos and I also answer questions and am active on the forum. Please surf by to take a look.

  2. TheDogman1978 says:

    Why couldnt i? have had an uncle like this!

  3. Chaindipper says:

    That garden is outdoors so light leaks are really a non issue. The OG plant was very healthy,? as were the rest of the plants in the garden. I’m guessing that OG was grown from a cut..just my guess. Sometimes plants do weird things

  4. Chaindipper says:

    Ambient light is? just the light that’s available to the garden..natural or man made.

  5. jacob harding says:

    whats ambia light ????

  6. Blunteeezy says:

    I noticed the OG kush had a three leaf fan leave. Is? that because of light leak?

  7. Thimmet says:

    Great video! It’s weird, now is the? first time I see you without the wigs and other props! Hehe. You are a good man for doing these educational videos. Thank you for them.

  8. BackYardGrowHouse says:

    Jorge is my? idol!

  9. Tintedd says:

    such a great video?

  10. demonikmagic says:

    Shout out from Grass Valley!
    I? loved all three Ultimate Grows and The Grower’s Bible,
    Then i found out you have a YouTube channel! Awesome. I’ll subscribe :)

  11. 1234KIERANPRIME says:

    what do you feed your plants? they look so healthy?

  12. rjgrn206bstenptunis says:

    When growing a” from seed” plant outdoor, what is? the key to thickening the stem? as in washington state where im at has rough climate/weather change. Huge fan thanks

  13. urajokeMC says:

    I would drop everything to go work for this guy for? free.Seems like a real cool bro. I hope so. The world needs more people like him

  14. AngryHippySlayer says:

    So, I am assuming you bought these ‘clones’ at a dispensary of? some sort , yes ? If so, then they could be anything labeled as whatever….you know what I mean ?

  15. parsleysprigs says:

    I love? how you can walk into a garden and come up with the simplest solutions to huge problems.

  16. GoodMusicVibe says:

    Jorge you look like Jesus in this? video I love it.

  17. Janet Smith says:

    Now I finnaly know? who you are. I see your face a lot on my sons shirt. The mom is always the last to know LOL Peace!:)

  18. TotalMagna says:

    I love green crack :) One of my favorites. I want to? try and graph a kush plant with a green crack plant see how she turns out!

  19. Joe Serrano says:

    Aahhhhh,….for a sec there i thought? the leaves look alot like…..and then i noticed it is GANGA,……oooohhhhhhhh,…IRIE Garden ya got here Jorge, thumbs up to ya and the Ganga plants, saludos from QuerĂ©taro!! = )

  20. parsleysprigs says:

    I smoked the green crack on this high rise apartment, after It kicked in I could hear? everyone and everything throughout the city it sharpened my senses somehow.

  21. parsleysprigs says:

    Those purple buds are so beautiful? kind of like a lotus.

  22. CaptainSkeletor says:

    Indicas are? tougher overall

  23. TheOunceler says:

    I feel like this guy has been doing this longer than ive been alive. Its nice to soak up knowledge from a great grower like this?

  24. Blazedbakery says:

    Get high.
    Get Hungry.
    Find and share? blazed munchies at:
    blazedbakery. com

  25. thezigzagmon says:

    Perhaps you should Hemp? Netting

  26. Chris Chapman says:

    I was just commenting on the youtube video, better? to ask the poster.

  27. Miroslav Misic says:

    how many cfl of? 42 W, for the beginning of the vegetation

  28. SleestaksRule says:

    There is cost savings with these? bulbs if you are growing pot. I use Overdriven T8 bulbs to grow veggies and it is way better than anything at the store as far as taste. The choice is yours. Enjoy.

  29. lgarvey1979 says:

    Are there any cost savings to doing this, or is? it purely for fun?

  30. SleestaksRule says:

    Haha, tomatoes are good. This was just a? video about lights.

  31. retardedamericans1 says:

    wheres the weed??growing tomatoes,fucking? faggot..

  32. JoeRnCT says:

    lol @ “8,000 years” &? “10,000 years”. :-)

  33. duratoke says:

    After the shock of LED light prices.?

  34. 412THEBRIDGE says:

    is that self ballast 250w? CFL blue?

  35. ally horn says:

    kcseeds sent mine and they all germinated im so freakin happy :) ? :) :)

  36. Chris Chapman says:

    42 watts 6500 watts? and only $7.99, why buy the others, they use more electricity and put out less lumens

  37. sublime2388 says:

    Good? Video.

  38. dr Cannabis says:

    anyone need? seeds? i got mine from and they sent me way to many

  39. RestlessOnTheRise says:

    Ok so I can get 100w hps bulbs(20$ each) normal sized threaded end peice, or a 1000w hps grow light set up(250$) enlarged end peice, also “cool” or “soft” 200w clf bulbs. which would I use for vegging and which for flowering. please? explain power cost and yeild too thank you.

  40. AlreadyTakenTryAgain says:

    A)Cool= higher K? ex: 6500k is more white/blue
    B)Soft or Warm=more yellow/red ex:2700k
    -You want Cool for Veg to keep the plant? short and grow leaves and Warm for flower making the fruit grow

  41. AlreadyTakenTryAgain says:

    He and? 99% of the viewers know that

  42. dennis mahon says:


  43. TheEffingHostile says:

    different shades of color. the K Kelvin? is the color/temperature

  44. GanjaGrowerKiid909 says:

    Why tomatoes bro…grow some? maryjane

  45. RestlessOnTheRise says:

    what is? the difference between cool and soft cfls?

  46. suggarachel says:


  47. SleestaksRule says:

    The cool bulbs will give you vegetative growth and the warm bulbs will promote flowering. I use cool and warm at? the same time during the flowering stage.

  48. suggarachel says:

    what is the difference between the warm and? cold bulbs?

  49. suggarachel says:

    thank you?

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