Will you be growing anything in your garden or allotment?

Question by peachschnappereturns: Will you be growing anything in your garden or allotment?
Lets cheer ourselves up by planning for long summer days and warm evenings in the garden/allotment.

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Answer by TrueSunn
Ooooh boy… I have so many seeds this year I don’t know what I am going to do with all of them! I am starting them in the house/greenhouse this year, and have orders from family and friends for some plants already! I’ve got a big old list of everything I’m planting on my garden blog, but some highlights include installing a butterfly/hummingbird wildflower garden, digging a bigger vegetable plot for all those seeds, and making my small area into just herbs! I like growing my own spices and make dill pickles in the fall. We’re also trying our own Jack-O-Lanterns this year!

This bitter cold is miserable, I’ve been looking at my seed catalogs a lot. Also, Meijer, Walmart and Walgreens have some of their gardening implements and seeds already out. I went for a walk through there yesterday at Meijer- smells like summer over there :)

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